Reaching Haiti

Through your faithfulness, God has blessed Mark Sutton Ministries these past 3 years. Every year has seen hundreds of Haitians coming to know Jesus Christ, new churches planted in Haiti, and the lives of many children saved.

Beautiful, tree-covered mountains. Lush palms. Magnificent views of crystal clear ocean waters. Haiti has been blessed with natural beauty beyond measure. But a look beyond nature’s gifts reveals one of the poorest countries in the world. It is, in fact, the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

80% of the population live below the poverty line. Most Haitians exist on less than $2 a day. Because schooling is not free, the literacy rate is only 53% (well below the 90% average for Latin America and other Caribbean countries). Almost no one has electricity or running water. Because of this, clean water is hard to find, leading to cholera and dysentery. Orphans roam the streets looking both for safety and for a scrap of something to eat. Malnutrition is one of the main causes of death in many Haitian children.

Mark Sutton Ministries is dedicated to helping Haitians come to a relationship with Jesus Christ, and to giving them a better life. With our partners in Haiti, we have helped construct over 30 homes, plant 11 church/preaching points, built 2 churches and 2 schools, several cisterns, and helped provide school uniforms and books for about 200 orphans and other children. The schooling is free, and it is a Christian education.

Because food is so difficult to obtain, we also feed the 200-plus students every day. For some of them, it will be the only meal they will eat until the next school day!

Mark Sutton Ministries has seen hundreds of Haitians come to know Christ and the churches grow through this ministry. It has also been involved with providing education for pastors throughout Haiti, helping them to further their skills.

All of this is possible only because of YOU! We need faithful Christians to help support this ministry. You can give through Pay Pal by clicking on the “Give Here” button. You can also give by check. Make it out to Mark Sutton Ministries. The address: 133 Wood Ibis Ct., Daytona Beach, FL 32119. Whether is is a one-time contribution, or you decide to become a monthly contributor, we thank you for your generosity. All gifts are tax deductible.

Above all, please pray that God will continue to use Mark Sutton Ministries for His glory, and for the salvation of many Haitians.

Mark Sutton

Mark Sutton, founder of Mark Sutton Ministries, has worked as a full time minister for more than 40 years. He and his wife, Donna, have 5 children and currently live in central Florida, where Mark teaches pastors and church leaders, both in Florida and in Haiti.

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