Reaching Haiti

Through your faithfulness, God has blessed Mark Sutton Ministries these past 3 years. Every year has seen hundreds of Haitians coming to know Jesus Christ, new churches planted in Haiti, and the lives of many children saved.


Believers in Haiti are undergoing intense persecution right now.  As the political and social unrest grows worse each day, anger spills over and violence throughout the nation intensifies.  Much of this anger is being turned toward Christians.  

Just how bad is it?  On La Gonave, there is no gas, no food, and no water. The reason it is hard on them is because all the goods are imported from the mainland and therefore very expensive to purchase. But even if they had the money, people cannot go back and forth to the mainland for goods.  Looting of businesses, blocking of roads, and burning of businesses are all part of the political unrest in Haiti. If someone attempts to travel to the mainland, their life is in danger and they will be beaten up or killed.

As Christians we are called to help God's people. How can we help?  What can we do at this time? The food Mark Sutton Ministries had in stock for the school children is finished. People are literally starving on the island. Some stores in La Gonave still have some food to sell but it is very expensive.

We have leaders on the ground in Haiti who can buy and distribute food to the children and adults – if they have the money.  Because of this, when we receive funds for Haiti, that money will be in the country doing God’s work within 48 hours!   

Please act now and join us in helping save the people of Haiti.

You may donate money online by clicking here.  You can also send checks made out to Mark Sutton Ministries.  The address is 133 Wood Ibis Ct., Daytona Beach, FL 32119.

Please pray for these believers who are under intense persecution.  And as God leads you, give to your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Mark Sutton

Mark Sutton, founder of Mark Sutton Ministries, has worked as a full time minister for more than 40 years. He and his wife, Donna, have 5 children and currently live in central Florida, where Mark teaches pastors and church leaders, both in Florida and in Haiti.

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