Reaching Haiti

Through your faithfulness, God has blessed Mark Sutton Ministries these past 3 years. Every year has seen hundreds of Haitians coming to know Jesus Christ, new churches planted in Haiti, and the lives of many children saved.


Family in the church's house burnsThe Coronavirus has hit all of us hard.  It’s difficult when you are not working for two months. Most people are scaling back on their spending, trying to conserve resources.  As you can imagine, this also has an effect on faith-based ministries like Mark Sutton Ministries.  In the past month, we have lost right at $1,000 in donations.  We will not be able to continue for long like this.  However, I must say that it has been incredible the way God has stepped in at just the right moment and supplied our needs miraculously.  We believe He will do so again.

The mission we work with in Haiti has lost eighty percent of its monthly donations.  They will not be able to open the schools in the fall if new donors do not step forward.

In addition, one of the families in the church had their house burn to the ground.  The mother died some time ago, and the father is trying to raise seven children on his own.  This family now has nowhere to live.  Below, you can see the aftermath of the fire.

You can help this desperate situation by doing four things:

  • Pray mightily for the ministry in Haiti every day.  Your prayers truly make a difference.
  • Share this newsletter with as many people as possible.  They may wish to become a part of turning a nation to Jesus Christ.
  • Pray about giving to Mark Sutton Ministries.  Pray about helping fund the rebuilding of this house.  
  • You can give through PayPal on our website:  
  • You can send a check to Mark Sutton Ministries, 133 Wood Ibis Ct., Daytona Beach, FL 32119.  All donations are tax-deductible.

We thank all of you for your faithfulness in supporting this ministry in the past.  In the next newsletter, I’ll share some incredible stories about changed lives in Haiti.


Mark & Donna Sutton

Mark Sutton, founder of Mark Sutton Ministries, has worked as a full time minister for more than 40 years. He and his wife, Donna, have 5 children and currently live in central Florida, where Mark teaches pastors and church leaders, both in Florida and in Haiti.

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