Seminary - Haiti

Many of you already know that Mark Sutton Ministries is involved in a partnership with New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and Florida Baptists. Out of this partnership has come a 3-year program for pastors and potential pastors, giving them a firm grounding in biblical interpretation, how to craft sermons, and how to build and grow a church. We have now added a second 3-year term that is even more advanced.

So many Haitians are coming to Christ, and so many new churches are being planted, that it is difficult to put experienced pastors in every church. That’s where you and I come into the picture! Mark Sutton Ministries helps fund the tuition for these pastors. Doing this helps ensure a solid, biblical foundation for Haitian church leaders. Several hundred pastors have already received their training . . . but there are hundreds more who desperately want education and have to wait. The reason for this is largely because of funds.

The professors all donate their time; no one is paid. We also pay for the room and board of every student. Between these costs, plus books, translators, air fare, etc., it takes about $1,000 per student for the 3-year program. In other words, 100 students means $100,000 every 3 years. How can we fund such a program?

Let’s break this down. For less than $30 a month, you can take care of educating a pastor! The key is regular, monthly gifts. Again, $30 a month will help churches have solid, biblically-trained leaders!

If you would like to help Mark Sutton Ministries continue to train Haitian Baptist leaders, either click “here” or send a check to: Mark Sutton Ministries, 1022 Featherstone Circle, Ocoee, FL 34761. All donations are tax deductable. Be sure to put “pastor” in the memo line.