Haitian Churches

Pastor Benis Guerrier truly fulfills his last name.  "Guerrier" means "warrior" in French, and Pastor Benis certainly fights against Satan and for Jesus Christ in La Gonave, Haiti.  After graduating from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Pastor Benis and his wife felt called back to Haiti, serving as a missionary to their own people.  In the last year, they have started a church in an area that had absolutely NO churches!  They have also continued to reach out, with the result that 5 more churches have also been planted. 

There is, as well, no school of any kind in the area, so Benis and Dominique began a Christian school, making it free for the children and giving them a meal, as well.  For most of the children, this meal will be the ONLY meal they receive all day. 

Mark Sutton Ministries has partnered with Pastor Benis, helping build the first church and help with the feeding and educating of the disadvantaged children.  Your gifts help us continue meeting these needs.