Perhaps you already know that Mark Sutton Ministries is supporting a Christian school in La Gonave.  But did you know it is the only school in the area?  If this ministry-supported school did not exist, there would be nowhere for the children in the region to receive education.

In addition, the school is feeding the 100+ children a meal every day.  This meal wil be the only meal many of these children may get in a day! 

You might be surprised to discover how little it costs to feed, clothe (school uniform), and educate a studen in La Gonave, Haiti.  All this is being accomplished for 80 cents a day! 

Think with me for a moment. 

Where else can you achieve such a result for 80 cents a day?  In other words, your pocket change can make a difference -- possibly for all eternity -- in the life of a child!

If you'd like to help Mark Sutton Ministries with this school and these children, please click on the "Partners" button.  Please pray about your involvement in this life-changing ministry.